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Realistic Wafer Paper Flowers Package 2

Peony, Poppy and Cherry Blossom

Package 2 small.jpg

SPECIAL OFFER. Sale price $195AUD or $132 USD (price at a current conversion rate).

Learn how to create the latest trend – stunning realistic looking flowers using edible wafer paper.


You get unlimited access to 3 high definition video tutorials that are filmed from 4 cameras and multiple angles to ensure you learn every secret of flower making possible.


In Package 2 of this course we will learn how to create 3 flowers

  • Peony

  • Poppy

  • Cherry Blossom

Each video covers step by step guide on creating the stamens, centres, petals and stems.


Throughout this intensive course we will cover the following topics:


- Choosing the right materials/ suppliers

- How to use gel colours to tone flowers gumpaste centres

- Wafer paper varieties

- Basics of simple wafer paper flowers theory

- Cutting, shaping and assembling wafer paper flowers

- Colouring wafer paper to achieve realistic look


All the templates, list of all suppliers, colours, information on brands and silicon moulds and veiners will be shared with you.


Ekat is happy to assist you via email with any questions.

Guaranteed, your flowers will look so elegant and natural and last for years for your customers to keep as a memory. They can be used for cake decorating or bridal bouquet floristry.

The price of this package is $195 (Australian Dollars).


The full 9 flower course is currently on Super SPECIAL offer $495 (Australian Dollars).


Also available on a 6 months payment plan ($99 a month).