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Realistic Wafer Paper Hydrangea


Learn how to create the latest trend – stunning realistic looking hydrangea flowers using edible wafer paper.


You get unlimited access to a high definition video tutorial that is filmed from 4 cameras and multiple angles to ensure you learn every secret of flower making possible.

Throughout this intensive course we will cover the following topics:


- Choosing the right materials/ suppliers

- How to use gel colours to tone flowers centres

- Wafer paper varieties

- Basics of simple wafer paper flowers theory

- Cutting, shaping and assembling wafer paper flowers

- Colouring wafer paper to achieve realistic look


All the templates and list of all suppliers will be shared with you.

The cost of this lesson is $80 (Australian Dollars).

You can also purchase a full course that is currently on Super SPECIAL offer $495 (Australian Dollars).


Also available on a 6 months payment plan ($99 a month).