Modern Cake Design Course

Pink cake.jpg

AWARD winning cake design – Satin Ice “Cake of the Month”. International Cake Show “Spring Cake” winner.

Cake techniques covered in this class: 

  • Creating mesmerizing statement occasion cake pieces using various petal techniques and mediums

  • Developing your unique cake decorating style

  • Tiered cake basics and tools to create signature designs

  • Composition, colour and texture

  • Creating the flow using 3 mixed mediums – fondant, rice paper and wafer paper.

  • Sugar paste ruffles and petals

  • Ruffles and shards petals using wafer paper and rice paper

  • Rough stone technique

  • Applying fondant ruffles across a multi-tiered cake.

  • Torn Paper effect using fondant

  • Fondant cracks and the very rough fondant technique to achieve modern look

  • Integrating floral decoration into your cake designs

This class gives you a detailed instructions of the several techniques in order to work with different mediums to achieve intriguing flow design

Included the list of ingredients you need.

The cost of the course is $195 (Australian dollars) and you will get an indefinite access to the class.


*Please note that this class is for your use only and can not be shared with anyone else.

There are no refunds available